Veggie Cooking Cheat-Sheet

Getting all of your daily veggies is an important and well-known necessity, but sometimes it feels hard. Unlike fruits, vegetables are usually eaten prepared, and knowing exactly how (and how long) to cook each vegetable can feel time-consuming and too-much. Confusion and time-suck, be gone! With this awesome veggie cooking cheat sheet you can cut out all the thinking and planning and just get straight to cooking (and eating) those delicious and nutritious greens!

Image from [Kidspot Australia]

Yuck or Yum: How Long Does Food Last?

How many times have you poked, prodded, sniffed, or simply guess-timated whether some long-forgotten food is still safe to eat? Maybe more than you would like to admit? Well, fret not, we have all of your storage questions covered! This simple guide lays it all out, making it clear how long things last (depending on where/how you store them). So open up that freezer and take out those 2-month-old tilapia filets… they’re a-okay to cook up and enjoy!

Image from [All You Daily Savings]

Beef Cuts, Made Easy

Have you ever wondered what part of the cow a t-bone steak comes from? Or maybe you’ve always been curious about how to best cook those juicy tenderloins you just picked up from the supermarket or butcher shop. Regardless of what your meat-related questions are, this Beef Made Easy chart is here to give you all the answers! Now you can come out of the dark and know exactly what you’re buying and how you can best cook that awesome looking cut. Yumm!