Herbs 101

Up until about a year ago, the same thing happened every time (and I mean every single time) I found myself cooking something that called for some type of fresh herb: I would read the recipe for the dish twice, circle the herb which I needed to go purchase, realize I had no idea how to really recognize the herb, google the herb, go to the store and (somehow) manage to locate and buy the herb, and then get back to my kitchen to gingerly try my hand chopping or slicing the herb. It was, i admit, a truly embarrassing sight. I mentioned this was a year ago though… so what happened between then and now? Ah-haa, let me tell you! Thanks to a bit of research and this awesomely illustrated ‘basics of herbs’ cheat-sheet, I learned all about how to prepare, identify, utilize, and even chiffonade herbs like a pro! So don’t be shy and take a look… you, too, can be the herb-aficionado of your kitchen!

Clear Out The Clutter With These Simple Storage Tips

Ever feel like cooking takes twice as long as it should because the preparation is so time-consuming? I know that I do! Organizing your pantry so that your spices, oils, and other cooking essentials are easy to find can be a real time saver, and it doesn’t have to be hard to do either! To keep things easily-spottable and extra fresh, try using clear plastic containers to store cereals, grains, flour, and sugars. Or, to keep snacks organized and neat, use wooden baskets to store chip bags and granola bars. Have open wall space in your kitchen? Install a spice rack to keep your seasonings on-hand all the time. As Better Homes and Gardens Magazine so perfectly explains, taking quick and easy steps to sort out your pantry can make a real difference… so, let the organizing begin!

Kitchen Pantry Organization Tips

I adore how clean and simple this closet is… everything is easy to see, and nothing is out-of-reach. See more of this lovely cupboard here!

Have lots of cans and tins? Use these simple instructions to build rotating/rolling storage bins like the ones in this pretty pantry!

These shelves are as neat as they are efficient and practical; they allow the frequent-cook to have additional storage space without all the bows-and-frills, and the clear storage containers keep things fresh while making it clear what’s-in-what and where everything is. For more bulk storage tips, check out this site!